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Oklahoma College App Week is an opportunity for high school seniors, especially those who have never considered college or will be the first in their family to attend college, to receive hands-on assistance from knowledgeable volunteers while completing their application to college. College App Week happens onsite at the local high school, library or other community agency and encourages the entire community to promote college as the next step after high school. If you are planning an event, please complete this registration form to help us determine the number of schools and students who plan to participate so that we may provide the appropriate guidance and materials for your event.


2022 College App Week Highlights

Oklahoma’s 2022 College Application Week was held September 26-30, and many schools opted to hold their CAW during a different week.

Here are some highlights from CAW 2022:


Congratulations to the winner of Oklahoma’s CAW 2022 School of Excellence Award, Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa, OK!

Will your school be the next winner? Register for College App Week 2023 at OKCollegeAppWeek.org


CAW 2023

Oklahoma’s 2023 CAW will be held September 25-29. Register below!

Can’t do it then? Just schedule your CAW for any week this fall through the month of November. You can tell us the week you’ve chosen when you register your school, and we’ll send you posters and an "I Applied" sticker for every participating senior.



College App Week materials are available for counselors to plan College App Week events.
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