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Executive Director's Office

Mary Heid, Executive Director
405.234.4489     |     mheid@ocap.org

Andrew Boes, Staff Assistant
405.234.4484     |     aboes@ocap.org

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Default Prevention and Compliance

Default Prevention

Wayne Sparks, Default Prevention Manager
405.234.4358     |     wsparks@ocap.org


Jaime Shelton, Sr. Regulatory Compliance Specialist
405.234.4281     |     jshelton@ocap.org


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Communications, Financial Education, Training and Outreach Services

Angela Caddell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Communications
405.234.4495     |     acaddell@ocap.org


Elizabeth Pressler-Henderson, Multimedia Manager
405.234.4296     |     epressler-henderson@ocap.org

Oklahoma Money Matters

Melissa Neal, Educational Services Manager
405.234.4253     |     mneal@ocap.org

Ava Doyle, Outreach Specialist
405.234.4488     |     adoyle@ocap.org

Bridgette Nichols, Outreach Specialist II
405.234.4415     |    bnichols@ocap.org


Karli Greenfield, Training Specialist
405.234.4233     |     kgreenfield@ocap.org

Outreach Services

Kelli Kelnar, Outreach Services Manager
405.234.4313     |     kkelnar@ocap.org

Letha Huddleston, Outreach Services Specialist
405.234.4345     |     lhuddleston@ocap.org

Chelsea Hunt, Student Portal Coordinator
405.234.4320     |     chunt@ocap.org

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Financial and System Services

Rick Sykora, Director for Financial and System Services and Chief Financial Officer
405.234.4311     |     rsykora@ocap.org

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